14 Cinder Block Ideas for Your Backyard

Your backyard is supposed to be a space where you can relax and enjoy. However, sometimes your backyard can be a little boring and bland, and simply uninspired. Maybe you want to do a little makeover, spruce things up a bit, and create a nicer space for yourself, your friends, and your family.

However, the fact is, of course, that in today’s economy, doing any type of renovations or makeovers can be very expensive, which will likely force you to look for a more cost-effective way to transform your backyard into a place in the one worth being there. Cinder blocks come into play.

Cinder blocks are simple concrete blocks, and while they may not seem like anything special on their own, you can use them to transform any backyard space into an amazing place to relax and take a break from the world around you. Today, we look at 14 great cinder block ideas for your backyard, 14 different things you can build with cinder blocks to improve the visual and functional appeal of your yard.

1. Raised planters

If you love gardening and don’t want to pay for expensive planters, you can always up your gardening game by building raised planters of concrete blocks.

You can paint cinder block planters however you see fit, they are super durable and even help with soil drainage.

Make a level base, stack the concrete blocks to the desired size and shape, make sure they are stable, and then fill them with soil and plants. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

2. Concrete block chairs

Concrete blocks are not only used to build walls and structures, but also for sitting. Yes, of course, you can just stack a bunch of cinder blocks and sit on them, but we’re not talking about that here.

Instead, stack cinder blocks on top of each other and then insert wooden posts into them, which will effectively create some chair legs.

You can then build a backrest and seat out of plywood or other materials, ensuring everything is safe and secure. If you want these chairs to be super comfortable, add some cushions to the equation.

3. Cement Block Fire Pit

One of the best parts about having a backyard in most places is that you can create your own fire pit. Sometimes there’s nothing like roasting some hot dogs and marshmallows in the crisp fall air.

That being said, purchasing a real fire pit can be very expensive, but make one with cement blocks It is much more profitable. All you have to do is choose a safe place to create a fire pit, level the ground, and then create a square or circular pattern with the cinder blocks.

You can then layer them in two or three layers for added stability and height, and to give you some protection from fire. Just remember to leave some spaces between some of the cement blocks, as this will help supply oxygen to the fire and thus keep it burning.

4. Campfire Seats

Speaking of that fire pit, another thing you can do with cinder blocks is make some seats for your fire pit. Now, unlike above where we were talking about building chairs out of cinder blocks, here we are talking about building some benches.

It is always good to have benches around the campfire, because they can fit many people. All you have to do is stack some cinder blocks two or three high, reinforce them a little, and then add some wood and cushions on top to sit on. There really is nothing easier or simpler than that.

5. Outdoor cinder block table

If you want to kick things up a notch and need some type of table for outdoor dining, cinder blocks also work great. Take blocks and stack them as a base, making sure they are stable and level.

You can choose to create four legs using cinder blocks and some wooden posts, and then place something like a piece of plywood on top to make a table. Then you can even paint the legs and table top, add a tablecloth, and decorate it however you see fit.

If you have enough cinder blocks, you can simply create a large, solid block, although this is not the best in terms of seating, because you can’t actually put your legs under it. However, it is a good surface to rest on while you grill and play with your new campfire.

6. Concrete block birdhouse

Although a concrete block may not seem like the best option for making a aviary Outside of, it actually works pretty well. One of the reasons for this is that concrete blocks are strong and durable, so they should stand the test of time and Mother Nature. All you need to do is place this cinder block on its side, so that the openings are open both up and out.

If you want to make these nests a little more secure and cosy, it may be beneficial to create some wooden plank roofs over the openings. You can also use non-toxic paint to paint the cinder blocks to make them more attractive to birds. You could even add some small perches for the birds to stand on.

7. Vertical gardens

Getting back to the topic of gardening, a great way to grow your own crops and have a safe space at the same time is to create a vertical garden.

As the name suggests, vertical gardens are designed so that you can grow plants vertically, rather than using up too much horizontal space. You can use cinder blocks to grow a variety of flowers, succulents, and herbs by stacking the blocks on top of each other.

All you need to do is choose a sunny location and then arrange the cinder blocks in a way that they create a stepping pattern. You want to make sure the blocks are not directly on top of each other, because each plant needs its own space and access to the sun.

8. Bed edges

If you are redoing your garden and need to make a new border, using cinder blocks is the way to go. All you need to do is gather as many cinder blocks as you need, place them along the perimeter of your garden beds and create a nice border.

Of course, you can place the center blocks so that the opening faces up, allowing you to place plants at the edge of your garden bed. To make it look better, you can also paint this on your blogs as you see fit. Just be sure to create a level edge for a visually appealing garden bed.

9. Garden stairs

If you have a garden on a hill or a raised bed, you can always use cinder blocks to create garden stairs. Yes, you have to put a lot of effort and planning into this, because the garden stairs need to be durable and beautiful, although it is a good project for a weekend.

Calculate how many steps you need, level the ground accordingly, and then place the blocks as a base for each step. Now, if you’re looking for maximum stability, you’ll want to fill each cinder block with concrete. Then you can paint them as you see fit.

10. Retaining walls

Although you will need a lot of cinder blocks for this, you can use them to create retaining walls. Of course, cinder blocks are used for important construction purposes, so it is not uncommon to build walls with them. That being said, this is a very big project that you will probably need help with at home.

However, cinder block walls are great for creating level areas on sloping patios, controlling soil erosion, and more.

All you need to do is dig a trench as a foundation, use mortar to layer the cinder blocks, make sure they are level, and then continue until the retaining wall is complete. You may also want to incorporate some drainage behind the wall to prevent water from pooling, which will allow the cinder block wall to last much longer.

11. Cinder Block Grill

One of the most innovative ideas on the current list is that you can always use cinder blocks to make your own grill. What’s really cool is that you can use cinder blocks to make a base and then three walls, leaving the front open for access.

To secure the blocks together, you will need to use fire-resistant mortar. With a little ingenuity, you can insert metal grates at the desired height so you can cook on the grill.

You can then add additional layers with cinder blocks and additional racks for prep and storage space. Yes, this will take a little ingenuity and skill, but it is definitely one of the best cinder block backyard projects.

12. Privacy walls

Concrete blocks are ideal for creating real walls and structures.

If you’re simply tired of your neighbors constantly spying on you and complaining about what you do in your yard, a great idea is to create a privacy wall. Yes, as mentioned above, cinder blocks are ideal for creating real walls and structures.

Before you start building, be sure to check your local regulations, because there may be some local building codes that you will need to follow, especially in terms of height and structural soundness.

That being said, all you need to do is lay a solid base, stack the blocks, and mortar them together to ensure they are smooth. If you want them to be aesthetically appealing, you can always render or paint them for a more polished look. It is always possible to also add a variety of decorative elements.

13. Potting Station

With just a few cinder blocks and wooden boards, you can create a functional and durable potting station for your garden. Yes, cinder blocks seem ideal for all types of landscaping purposes.

You can arrange the cinder blocks to form a base and the size of the station, and make sure everything is level.

You can then place some wooden boards on top of the cinder blocks to create a flat surface for you to work on. You can add hooks to hang tools, spaces to organize bags of soil and pots, and much more.

14. Painted blocks

If you don’t really want to build anything or work hard and would rather be a little artsy and creative, a great idea is to make some painted blocks.

Get your favorite oil paints and paint the blocks as you see fit, and then use them to decorate your garden or backyard. Just be sure to use waterproof paint, otherwise it will wash away the next time it rains.

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