Project Hail Mary is Lifting Off with Ryan Gosling in March 2026

Image: Ballantine Books

Years ago, Andy WeirThe science fiction novel. Ave Maria Project was being optional as a movie with ryan gosling in the lead role. After years without significant news about the project, Amazon MGM is ready to bring the adaptation to theaters and has even set a release date: March 20, 2026.

No other major movie (if any, period) has that right on that day, according to Deadline. As of this writing, a production start date has not been set; Last year, cameras were reportedly set to start rolling in early 2024 in the UK, but that was before the Hollywood strikes came and derailed any plans, as they have with other productions. What hasn’t changed, however, is the talent behind the camera: the film has yet to be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and how The Martian In 2015, he will be working on a script written by Drew Goddard.

Ave Maria Project released in 2021 as technically the fourth (and most recent) novel in Weir’s career. Gosling plays Ryland Grace, a schoolteacher-turned-astronaut who wakes up from an amnesia-ridden coma and aboard the titular space station. Eventually, he begins to reconstruct his memories, where he realizes that he was sent to the Tau Ceti solar system to reverse a solar dimming event that could wipe out humanity. As The Martian, It received pretty good reviews and became a finalist in the Best Novel category of the 2022 Hugo Awards.

When it launched in 2020, we thought Ave Maria was a pretty solid read, especially for those who joined Weir through The Martian. In a way, it does the same thing as that book on a larger scale, but it was also just as fascinating as Martian, So can you really get mad about that? Count curious to see what’s coming from the film on March 20, 2026. If you haven’t read it yet, it might not hurt to do so in advance, if only to avoid the rush at bookstores and libraries.

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