Margot Robbie Elevated Her Jeans With Pointed-Toe Boots

Traveling to Los Angeles this week, Margot Robbie elevated a casual outfit by using some clever styling tricks. Instead of the ultra-sweet Barbie-inspired red carpet looks we’ve been seeing lately, it was refreshing to see Robbie in a look we could all easily copy. Opting for one of the staples in her wardrobe, she opted for baggy jeans as the base of her look. The casual base was then layered with some statement accessories, creating a powerful silhouette that perfectly walked the line between dressy and casual.

Robbie straightened his baggy jeans and grabbed an oversized black jacket with sharp shoulders. The sharp shoulder pads of the jacket were reflected in Robbie’s footwear choice; Foregoing casual sneakers or rounded-toe flats, he chose black pointed-toe boots to complete his stylish outfit. Ultra-wide denim isn’t always the easiest pairing for shoes, but the angular lines of this blazer and heels combination balance the relaxed nature of the jeans. It’s a comfortable yet well-rounded ensemble that any fashion editor would praise her for.

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